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manual testing resume sample 2 experience

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It is not possible to include all the knowledge of a mechanic in one manu-Repair and maintenance work attempted by anyone without this knowledge is likely to render the ve-This model has been designed and manufactured to perform within certain specifications in regard toProper service with the correct tools is necessary to ensure that the ve-If there is any question about a service procedure, it is imperative thatThis policyYamaha Motor Company, Ltd.Modifications and sig-SThis Service Manual contains information regarding periodic maintenance to the emission controlSDesigns and specifications are subject to change without notice.The Safety Alert Symbol means ATTENTION.A CAUTION indicates special precautions that must be taken to avoid damageNOTE: A NOTE provides key information to make procedures easier or clearer.ComprehensiveAn abbreviation and symbol in the upper right corner of eachRefer to “SYMBOLS”.The current section title is shown at the top of each page,A circled number indicates aRefer to “SYMBOLS”.Symbols 1 to 9 indicate the subject of eachSymbols 10 to 17 indicate the following.Symbols 18 to 23 in the exploded diagrams indi-Symbols 24 to 25 in the exploded diagrams indi-In the conventional carburetor system, the air-fuel ratio of the mixture that is supplied to the combustionDespite the same volume of intake air, the fuel volume requirement varies by the engine operatingCarburetors that me-As the requirements for the engine to deliver more performance and cleaner exhaust gases increase, itThis system can achieve an optimum air-fuel ratio re-The adoption of the FI system has resulted in a highly precise fuel supply, improved engine response,Furthermore, the air induction system (AI sys-A Fuel system. B Air system. C Control systemThe pressure regulator maintains the fuelConversely, the shorter the length of time the injector is ener-The injection duration and the injection timing are controlled by the ECU.

Signals that are input from theAs a result, the volume of fuel that is required by the en-The multi-function display is equipped with theSa speedometer (which shows the ridingSan odometer (which shows the total distanceStwo tripmeters (which show the distanceSa fuel reserve tripmeter (which shows theSa clock. Sa self-diagnosis device. Sa display brightness and engine speed warn-SBe sure to turn the key to “ON” before using the “SELECT” and ”RESET” buttons.Odometer and tripmeter modes. Pushing the “SELECT” button switches the display between the odometer mode “ODO” and the trip-In that case,Clock mode. Turn the key to “ON”. To change the display to the clock mode, push the “SELECT” button for at least one second. To change the display back to the prior mode, push the “SELECT” button. To set the clock:This mode cycles through five control functions,STo make any settings in this mode, you have to cycle through all of its functions. However, if the key isSIn this mode, the multi-function display shows the current setting for each function (except the shiftTo adjust the display brightnessThe control modeTo set the shift timing indicator light activity functionThe control mode changesThe control mode changes to the shift timing indicator light deactivation function. To set the shift timing indicator light deactivation function. SBe sure to set the deactivation function to a higher engine speed than for the activation function,The control mode changes to the shift timing indicator light brightness function. To adjust the shift timing indicator light brightnessThe multi-functionRefer to the “SPECIAL TOOLS”.Mated partsYamaha for all lubrication jobs. Other brandsAll gasket sur-When installing oil seals, lubricate the oil sealDo not spin the bearing with compressed airWhen installing a circlip 1, make sure theSlead. Scoupler. SconnectorSlead. Sconnector. Moisture ! Dry with an air blower.Sall connections. Loose connection ! Connect properly.

If the pin 1 on the terminal is flattened, bend itSlead. Make sure all connections are tight.ScontinuityPocket testerSWhen checking the wire harness, performSAs a quick remedy, use a contact revitalizerSpecial tools, part numbers or both may differ depending on the country. When placing an order, refer to the list provided below to avoid any mistakes. SFor U.S.A. and Canada, use part number starting with “YM-”, “YU-”, or “ACC-”. SFor others, use part number starting with “90890-”. Flywheel pullerAdapter. This tool is used to remove the generator ro-This tool is used to hold the generator rotorThis tool is used to remove the piston pins. Radiator capAdapter. These tools are used to check the coolingThis tool is used to loosen or tighten the steer-This tool is used to hold the damper rod as-Pivot shaftPivot shaft wrench adapter. This tool is used to loosen or tighten the pivotThis tool is needed to loosen or tighten the oilRod pullerRod puller attachment. These tools are used to pull up the front forkFork seal driverFork seal driver attachment. This tool is used to install the front fork’s oilVacuum gaugeThis gauge is used to synchronize the carbu-CompressionAdapter. These tools are used to measure engineThis tool is used to check the electrical sys-Oil pressureAdapter. These tools are used to measure engine oilThis tool is used to check the electrical sys-This tool is needed to measure fuel pressure.This tool used is to measure fuel pressure.This tool is used to compress piston ringsThis tool is used to turn the pilot screw whenValve springAttachment. These tools are used to remove or install theMiddle driven shaftMechanical seal installer. These tools are used to install the water pumpThis tool is used to hold the clutch bossThis tool is needed to remove and installThis tool is used to remove or install the valveThis tool is used to install the valve guides.

This tool is used to rebore the new valveThis tool is used to check the ignition systemThis bond is used to seal two mating surfacesModel code 5SL3 (USA except for CAL)Overall length. Overall width. Overall height. Seat height. Wheelbase. Minimum ground clearance. Minimum turning radiusWet (with oil and a full fuel tank). Maximum load (except motorcycle)Engine. Engine type. Displacement. Cylinder arrangement. Bore stroke. Compression ratio. Engine idling speed. Vacuum pressure at engine idlingStandard compression pressureLiquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHCForward-inclined parallel 4-cylinderRecommended fuel. Fuel tank capacity. Total (including reserve). Reserve only. Premium unleaded gasoline onlyLubrication system. Recommended oil. Quantity. Total amount. Without oil filter cartridgeWith oil filter cartridge replacement. Oil pressure. Engine oil temperature. Relief valve opening pressure. Wet sump. Yamalube 4 (20W40) or. SAE 20W40 type SE motor oil. Yamalube 4 (10W30) or. SAE 10W30 type SE motor oilOil filter. Oil filter type. Bypass valve opening pressure. FormedOil pump type. Inner-rotor-to-outer-rotor-tipOuter-rotor-to-oil-pump-housingTrochoidCooling system. Radiator capacity. Radiator cap opening pressure. Radiator core. Width. Height. Depth. Coolant reservoir. Capacity. Water pump. Water pump type. Reduction ratio. Max. impeller shaft tiltSingle suction centrifugal pumpStarting system type Electric starter. Electric fuel injection. Type. ManufacturerModel (manufacturer) quantity. Spark plug gap. CR9EK or CR10EK (NGK) 4Volume. Max. warpageCamshafts. Drive system. Camshaft cap inside diameter. Camshaft journal diameter. Camshaft-journal-to-camshaft-Intake camshaft lobe dimensions. Measurement A. Measurement B. Exhaust camshaft lobe dimensions. Max. camshaft runout. Chain drive (right)Item Standard Limit. Timing chain. Tensioning system. AutomaticValve clearance (cold). Intake. Exhaust. Valve dimensionsIntake. Valve face width B. Valve seat width C.

Valve margin thickness D. Valve stem diameter. Valve guide inside diameter. Valve-stem-to-valve-guide clearance. Valve stem runout. Valve seat width. ExhaustValve springs. Free length. Intake (inner). Intake (outer). Installed length (valve closed). Compressed spring forceIntake (inner)Exhaust. Spring tilt. Winding direction (top view). ExhaustClockwise. ClockwiseCylinder arrangement. Bore. Max. out-of-round. Forward-inclined, parallel 4-cylinderPiston. Piston-to-cylinder clearance. Diameter D. Height H. Piston pin bore (in the piston). Diameter. Offset. Offset direction. Piston pins. Outside diameter. Piston-pin-to-piston-pin-borePiston rings. Top ring. Ring type. Dimensions (B T). End gap (installed). Ring side clearanceRing type. Ring side clearance. Oil ring. End gap (installed)Intake sideBarrelTaperConnecting rods. Crankshaft-pin-to-big-end-bearingBearing color codeWidth A. Width B. Max. runout C. Big end side clearance D. Big end radial clearance. Small end free play. Crankshaft-journal-to-crankshaft-Bearing color codeClutch type. Clutch release method. Clutch release method operation. Operation. Clutch cable free play (at the endFriction plates. Color code. Thickness. Plate quantity. Clutch plates. Max. warpage. Clutch springs. Spring quantity. Wet, multiple disc. Outer pull, rack and pinion pull. Cable operation. Left-hand operationBrownTransmission. Transmission type. Primary reduction system. Primary reduction ratio. Secondary reduction system. Secondary reduction ratio. Gear ratiosMax. main axle runout. Max. drive axle runout. Constant mesh, 6-speed. Spur gear. Chain drive. Left-foot operationShifting mechanism. Shift mechanism type. Max. shift fork guide bar bendingAir filter type Wet element SSS. Fuel pump. Pump type. Model (manufacturer). Output pressure. ElectricalThrottle position sensor. Resistance. Output voltage (at idle)Model (manufacturer) quantity. Intake vacuum pressure. Throttle cable free play (at the flangeID mark. Throttle valve sizeFrame.

Frame type. Caster angle. Trail. DiamondWheel type. Rim. Size. Material. Wheel travel. Wheel runout. Max. radial wheel runout. Max. lateral wheel runout. Cast wheel. AluminumRear wheel. Wheel type. AluminumFront tire. Tire type. Tire pressure (cold)Min. tire tread depth. Tubeless. Pilot SPORT N (MICHELIN)Rear tire. Tire pressure (cold)High-speed riding. Min. tire tread depth. Pilot SPORT B (MICHELIN)Front brakes. Brake type. Recommended fluid. Brake lever free play. Brake discs. Diameter thickness. Min. thickness. Max. deflection. Brake pad lining thickness. Master cylinder inside diameter. Caliper cylinder inside diameter. Dual disc brake. Right hand operationBrake type. Brake pedal position (below theRecommended fluid. Brake pedal freeplay. Single disc brake. Right foot operationFront suspension. Suspension type. Front fork type. Front fork travel. Spring. Spacer length. Installed length. Spring rate (K1). Spring stroke (K1). Inner tube outer diameter. Inner tube bending limit. Optional spring available. Fork oil. Quantity (each front fork leg). Level (from the top of the innerSpring preload adjusting positions. Minimum. Standard. Maximum. Rebound damping adjustingCompression damping adjustingTelescopic forkSuspension oil “01”Steering. Steering bearing type Angular bearing SSS. Rear suspension. Rear shock absorber assemblyRear shock absorber assemblySpring. Optional spring availableSpring preload adjusting positions. Rebound damping adjustingCompression damping adjustingSwingarm (link suspension)NoFree play (at the end of theRadial. AxialDrive chain. Link quantity. Drive chain slack. Maximum ten-link sectionSystem voltage 12 V SSS. Ignition system. Ignition system type. Ignition timing. Crankshaft position sensor. CDI unit model (manufacturer)Model (manufacturer). Minimum ignition spark gap. Primary coil resistance. Secondary coil resistanceSystem type. Normal output. A.C. magnetoModel (manufacture). Semi conductor short circuitRectifier capacity.

Withstand voltageBattery type. Specific gravity.